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Alpe della Luna Golf Club is part of a land of border between three of the most beautiful regions on Earth: Le Marche, Tuscany and Umbria.

Within a few tens of kilometers you can reach:

URBINO, cradle of Renaissance, city of the Dukes of Urbino, who built here one of the most beautiful palaces in the World (the Ducal Palace) decorating it with pieces of art made by many major Renaissance artists, like Piero della Francesca and Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

Urbino is the city where Raffaello was born, and his house is still visitable. Today, the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Club distance: 35 km

SANSEPOLCRO, birthplace of Piero della Francesca, is located at the foot of the Tuscan side of the Apennines. You can reach it going through the mountain pass of Bocca Trabaria, which offers many amazing views on Valtiberina.

Its medieval and Renaissance origins are visible in its beautiful city centre rich in towers, churches and palaces. The civic art gallery has many valuable pieces of art.

Club distance: 33 km

CITTÀ DI CASTELLO, in Umbria, was founded thousands of years ago. Today it has a population of 40.000 inhabitants and a marvellous historic centre, huge and perfectly preserved with its towers and valuable palaces.

It's the birthplace of the contemporary artist Alberto Burri, therefore it offers a wide collection of Burri's works in addition to museums of classical art.   

Club distance: 40 km

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