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Besides the historical and cultural treasures, the high valley of Metauro river is characterised by an exuberant nature which offers many itineraries and experiences:

The PISCINE NATURALI DELL'AURO are a few spots in the Auro river, usually created by a waterfall, where the river has carved out natural pools. You can dive into the fresh water or just sunbathe lying on the stone beaches.

They are located along the road that connects Borgo Pace to Parchiule, and the entrance is free.

Club distance: 1-4 km

The PATHS OF ALPE DELLA LUNA MOUNTAINS, a network of trails to do on foot or by mountain bike which slope up to the peaks of the Apennines. Routes of varying difficulties that offers breathtaking panoramas but also beautiful views of natural and rural beauties.

The CONFLUENCE OF METAURO RIVER is located just under one of the hole of our course, but is only accessible from the village of Borgo Pace, across the river. It's where Meta and Auro together form the Metauro river. Around this spot a park has been created, ideal for picnics or to relax.

Meta river, just before the confluence, forms a huge waterfall on three levels.

Club distance: 0,7 km

The SASSO WATERFALL is the main waterfall of Metauro river and one of the most impressive in Italy. It's 12 meters high and 60 meters wide.

It is observable from a picnic area located next to the waterfall, inside the city industrial area in Sant'Angelo in Vado.

Club distance: 11,5 km

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