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Alpe della Luna Golf Club is part of a land rich in history, a land of border and passage where you can still find many amazing signs of the main events recorded in the Italian history.

Following the direction of Metauro river, we come across many beautiful hamlets:

LAMOLI, a small village overlooked by the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, a marvellous example of Romanesque sacred architecture. Its foundation dates back to the VI century.

The hamlet is cut in two by Meta river and surrounded by the green of the Apennines. It is at an altitude that keeps the climate warm during the summer too.

Club distance: 6 km

PARCHIULE, delicious rural hamlet where you can be overwhelmed by nature. Walking through the country roads leading from here you can reach a medieval bridge and a feudal tower that dates back to the XII century. You can reach the tower starting from a small village called "La Villa".

Club distance: 5,5 km

BORGO PACE, located just above the confluence of Metauro river, is the nearest village to our Club. The old town was partly bombed during the WW2, but a few streets still retain their old look. In the centre of the main square ("Piazza del Pino") you can find a huge fir, which during the Christmas time becomes the tallest Christmas tree in Europe.

Club distance: 0,4 km

CASTELLO DELLA PIEVE, marvellous medieval hamlet overlooked by a tower built during the XII century.

Club distance: 3,5 km | 2,5 km on foot or by bike

MERCATELLO SUL METAURO, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Walking through the streets of the old town (which is perfectly preserved) you come across many valuable palaces and churches, like the Church of San Francesco, the Ducal Palace and the Palazzo Gasparini which overlooks the beautiful Piazza Garibaldi.

A huge Romanesque bridge crosses the Metauro river right in front of the medieval city walls.

Club distance: 4,5 km

SANT'ANGELO IN VADO, a small town with a population of 4000 inhabitants where stone is used together with the more noble brick. Its fame mainly comes from the annual Truffle Fair which takes place in Autumn. The old town is rich in beautiful palaces, churches and squares. Metauro River cuts it in two creating very nice views.

The important presence of Romans in this area is witnessed by the stunning mosaics of the Domus del Mito.

Club distance: 10 km

URBANIA, a small town with a population of 7000 inhabitants, boasts an elegant historic centre with many important monuments, like the Renaissance Ducal Palace, the theatre and the "Chiesa dei Morti", a cemetery of ancient mummies. Outside the walls you can find the summer residence of the Dukes of Urbino, which is called Barco Ducale.

Urbania also maintains an important ceramic tradition: in the old town a few artisan workshops are proud to show and sell their beautiful majolica.

Club distance: 20 km

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