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Within the cultural richness of the high valley of Metauro river, the culinary culture is undoubtedly important. As a land of border, it's easy to find similarities between our food and the one of surrounding regions (mainly Tuscany and Emilia Romagna).

Our cuisine is deeply related to the quality of the goods, which is really high and little effected by industrialisation.

Tagliatelle al tartufo

The FINE WHITE TRUFFLE, celebrated annually with two different national fairs which take place in autumn in Sant'Angelo in Vado and Acqualagna. During these fairs you can taste and buy this precious ingredient.

This valuable product of the earth is characterised by a heady scent, and it's perfect to give a further touch of elegance to various dishes, like tagliatelle, crostini and risotti.

Patate rosse

The PATATA ROSSA DI SOMPIANO, a type of red potato whose quality is guarantee by strict production rules which prohibit the use of chemical pesticides.

It is perfect for various uses since it holds its firmness while cooking, and its colour is amazing. It is annually celebrated at the end of August with a village festival in Borgo Pace, during which it is possible to taste this potato in various recipes: roasted, fried or used to prepare gnocchi, ravioli and cakes.

Crescia sfogliata

The CRESCIA SFOGLIATA DI URBINO, alsa called CROSTOLO along the high valley of Metauro river, is a variant of the classic Piadina. It is characterised by an exceptional defoliation and an intense flavour.

It was said to be very popular inside the Renaissance court of Urbino, and it is also cited in a memory of the poet Giovanni Pascoli. Nowadays you can easily find it in our land, usually paired with sausages, cheese and vegetables, and it is also celebrated with a village festival that takes place in Urbania by the middle of September.


The PANZANELLA, an extremely tasty poor dish, connected with the rural culture of our land.

It exists in various forms, but it is essentially a mix of old bread, oil and vinegar, fresh tomatoes and onion.

It is celebrated by an annual village festival in Lamoli, on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption in August.


The HOMEMADE PASTA, a long-lasting tradition handed down within the families. Nowadays you can also find it in restaurants and in many variants: tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli... and can be paired with different sauces depending on the time of the year.

In Mercatello sul Metauro, as part of the Palio del Somaro in July, there's a challenge called "Gara della Tagliatella": the price is won by the fastest person to make pasta.


SAUSAGES, and meat in general, are one of the main products in the culinary culture of the high valley of Metauro river. Ham, loin, salami but also steak.

GOLETTA is a much-appreciated traditional product, cut in thin slices and used to prepare delicious crostini with a pungent flavour.


The CASCIOTTA DI URBINO DOP, a very ancient cheese which was said to be really appreciated by Michelangelo.

A soft cheese,  short maturation, suitable for many combination.

The production area is restricted to Pesaro e Urbino province.

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